10 Appropriate Places To Rock My This One's For The Girls Hat

10 Appropriate Places To Rock My This One's For The Girls Hat

So I’m guessing you’re here because you’re on the fence about spending $35 on a pink hat. OR maybe you have purchased one and you’re looking for some inspiration as to where to wear it.

So here’s my top 10 places to rock my This One's For The Girls Hat… Enjoy xx

NO.1 The Gynaecologist

I mean, this one's kind of a no brainer really. 

NO.2 On your first Hinge date

Because god knows you only went on it because the girls told you to! 

NO.3 When you’re breaking up with someone 

“all my friends think you’re an asshole”

NO.4 Shopping at Dan Murphys

Nothing brings me more joy than browsing the Passion Pop selection

NO.5 Bondi to Bronte 

Lukewarm girl summer has arrived!

NO.6 To the post office to pick up a online shopping package 

Because If you’re going to all that effort to pick up a package, you may as well do it in style. 

NO.7 When you're reading your boyfriends punters group chat

It's like opening up Pandora's box, and boys say we gossip! 

NO.8 Browsing the cheese section at Woolies

God I love me a curated cheese board with the girls.


NO.9 When you end up at back to some random guys house because your friend wasn’t ready to end the night 

May it serve as a constant reminder you’re only doing this for the girls.

NO.10 When it’s your turn to get the next round at the bar

The girls will thank you for it

So i think that covers all the basics here, have I missed anything?

If this article has convinced you to get your heads on a hat of their own, feel free to purchase them here.

xoxo Miss DB

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