Icons Only: Patti Pink Cake

Icons Only: Patti Pink Cake

Welcome to the first (of many) Icons Only: Q&A series. Come, join me as we get to know the everyday icons who inspire me on a daily basis. 
The series’s first guest is none other than the true international woman of mystery, Patti - no last name, just Patti, for privacy purposes. For those of you who don’t know, Patti goes by the name @pattipinkcake on Instagram. She’s a fashionista, an enigma, a lady of leisure and a true icon of the streets of Sydney. Who is she? No one knows - but boy do we want to find out! 
When Patti’s not uploading outfit checks on her Instagram Reels, you’ll usually catch her winning big at the races, admiring Australia’s unique flora and fauna in Centennial Park or long lunching with the girls at Double Bay’s 18 Footers. 
To me, what really stands Patti Pink Cake apart from her peers is her IDGAF attitude. Pair this with a Hermès scarf, Balenciaga bag and a glass of your finest bubbly, Patti Pink Cake is filling my chiropractor's waiting room with all the heads she's turning. 
Our girl Patti has kindly agreed to sit down with me for this exclusive interview. Below I asked her the tough questions that have been plaguing everyone’s mind since her new found rise to stardom. 
Let’s dive straight into it shall we? 
Hi Patti, welcome!
Finish this sentence, people who know me, know:
if I say I will do it, I will.
If you were on the Real Housewives of Sydney what would your intro tagline be?
I like quality in my fashion and in my friends.
You have such an iconic style, who inspires you?
If Jackie Onassis wouldn’t wear it, why should I?
Favourite bag currently in your wardrobe?
My Chanel Icon bag.
What’s a life/fashion quote you like to live by?
Leave one thing off before you go out the door. (Never button up a blazer)
If you could give one piece of advice to your younger self what would it be?
You can’t please everyone, so don’t try.
Who is your celebrity style icon?
Audrey Hepburn
Cocktail or drink of choice is?
Go to place to have lunch with the girls?
Catalina, Rose Bay
You can’t leave the house without…
What was one fashion trend you are obsessed with at the moment?
Don’t follow trends.
Favourite video or image you’ve uploaded on your Instagram so far?
My favourite image uploaded is one posted 3 November 2020 in a fave hat.
Go-to song that gets you movin and groovin?
Call Me, Blondie
On what note would you like to leave this most fabulous interview on?
I’m happy to see that so many people are enjoying my dress up videos. It’s a small part of who I am but if people like it or find it hilariously odd, that’s fine with me.
Famous last words?
That’s it😀🥂
Thank you Patti, your words are truly inspiring.
Now for anyone who isn't already, do your feed a favour and follow @pattipinkcake
Till next time, Miss Double Bay xx 


  • Do many like pink


    Informatika -
  • I love @pattipinkcake!
    Thanks for introducing us to her, @missdoublebay.
    Don’t you just want to give her a big hug and ppsit down for a glass of champagne with her? (You know it would be the real thing, not some wannabe sparkling).

    Kate -

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