#TBT with the Cringe King, Josh Carroll

#TBT with the Cringe King, Josh Carroll

Welcome ladies and gents to my #tbt series. A nostalgic Q&A series that takes us back to the golden age of the Y2K's. Now, for everyone who grew up in this era, I think we can all agree our internet presence was some what of a hot mess. 

Back then, social media platforms like MySpace, Tumblr, Formspring and Mathletics reigned supreme, Livestrong bands were the hottest accessory and you couldn’t hangout at the unhealthy food court without documenting and dedicating an entire MySpace album to it. 

This series first special guest is none other than the cringe lord himself, Josh Carroll. Now for those of you who may not know, Josh Carroll is one of the most entertaining people to grace us with his presence on the internet.
But don’t let his unapologetically cringe TikTok's fool you, collectively his Instagram and TikTok accounts boast more than 1M followers (who’s laughing now?). So whatever he’s posting, it must be working! When he’s not featuring in my cringe series, he’s appearing on shows like Big Brother VIP, modelling for big brands like Fendi and Cotton On and strolling the Eastern Suburbs with his shirt off
Always a good sport, Josh kindly took a trip down memory lane with me, back to the weird and wonderful times that was the 2000’s. Gird your loins peoples because things around about to get messy. 
Hi Josh welcome! Can you give the people a quick 1-2 of your fine self?
What’s up guys! My names Josh Carroll. You probably know me from being an early entrant into the absolute smash that is Miss Double Bay's Cringe Series, Big Brother VIP or one of my many cringe TikToks.

So the people wanna know, what’s your love language? 
Personally, I love some good old physical touch. Holding hands in public, cuddling, any of that cute shit, I’m into it.

Finish this sentence, people who knew me back in the 2000s, knew I: 

They knew I loved 50 cent, would get called frigid regularly smh, and would skip school to go to the Internet cafe in Bondi junction to rot my brain with computer games.

Show us a how it started vs this is how it’s going photo:

What’s one piece of clothing / item that to you embodies your 2000s experience:

Josh: One, or multiple polo shirts with the collar popped. Y’all know it had to be popped or you were getting bullied in school.

Show us a photo of you in your ‘we’re worried about him’ stage:

What’s the backstory?

So basically I got a buzz cut because I wanted to look like old school Brad Pitt… I reckon we looked pretty similar no?

Who was your 2000s celebrity crush?

& why?

Quick shoutout to Jessica Alba firstly, she held it down for many years. Until one day in 2007, when Transformers 1 came out in the cinemas. From that moment I knew, Megan Fox had my heart.

Favourite image of yourself from the 2000s that’s still on the internet:

What’s the backstory?

I mean this just speaks for itself. Have you ever seen a whiter pose in your life? My mum looks stoked though, so that’s cool.

Most played song from this era? 

AKON - Locked Up (this was the song I was listening to when I got rolled for my iPod as I was walking to my casual dominos shift after school by a group of lads. RIP iPod mini)

Also, Did y’all ever walk around with a bunch of your favourite CDs stuffed into a backpack so you could listen after school? Omg and SO FRESH CDS?!?! Wow I miss the 2000’s.

What would make you look at your phone like this back then?

Me wearing TN’s… I also had a dyed blonde rats tail phase which was… troubling. I WISH I had a photo, but it’s probably for the best that I don’t have one.

Show us a photo of an outfit you regret wearing till the day you die: 

I just… I’m sorry

What was the cringest thing you used to do or say on MSN/ Myspace/Tumblr/ early Facebook days? 

‘comment n I’ll rate u’

Did you ever log off and on MSN multiple times to get someone’s attention, or was that just me? 

I don’t wanna do you dirty, but I’m gonna have to say this is a you problem. But I love you for you, so we’re good.

If MySpace’s Top Friends feature was still around today, who would be on yours?

What do you miss most about the 2000s? 

When Heelys and razor scooters were the absolute vibe. Kinda want a pair now tbh

Did you use to have and regret to share hotmail address? 


Please explain:

Literally the worst of the worst.. I’m not even 100% Australian. But anyways, I was over at my mates place and was asking him for dope email ideas that would make me look cool. He came up with this, I somehow approved it, and the rest is history.

Could you see a Josh x MDB collab in the pipeline?

I’m honestly surprised it hasn’t happened sooner. Slide into my DMs shawty ❤️

On what note would you like to leave this throw back on?

Blockbuster. I miss you, I love you, I’m sorry about the unpaid late fees 🫶🏼

Actually while I have you, any shameless self promotion you’d care to share with us? 

Feel free to get at me across Insta/tiktok @iamjoshcarroll. Appreciate you Claudia for taking me on this trip back through time. ily. bye ❤️


 Woah what an eyeopening experience that was! Thank you Josh, as always - it was my pleasure xx


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